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Friday, 28 November 2014
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Physics Today
Physics Today Magazine
Physics Today, the flagship publication of The American Institute of Physics, is the most influential and closely followed physics magazine in the world, informing readers about science and its place in the world with authoritative features, full news coverage and analysis, and fresh perspectives on technological advances and ground-breaking research.
Physics Today magazine
Universe Today
Universe Today
Space and astronomy news
Universe Today
  • Delaying Death: Mercury Spacecraft Firing Engines To Stay Up Until 2015
    Don’t take these spectacular Mercury images (below the jump) for granted. Three weeks ago, NASA’s orbiting Mercury spacecraft did an engine fire to boost its altitude above the hothouse planet. Another one is scheduled for January. But all this will do is delay the end of the long-running mission — the first one to orbit […]
  • “Eye of Sauron” Galaxy Used For New Method of Galactic Surveying
    Determining the distance of galaxies from our Solar System is a tricky business. Knowing just how far other galaxies are in relation to our own is not only key to understanding the size of the universe, but its age as well. In the past, this process relied on finding stars in other galaxies whose absolute […]
  • Beam Me Up, Mars! Uwingu Will Send 90,000 Radio Messages There Today
    Maybe you can’t climb on a rocketship to Mars, at least yet, but at the least you can get your desire for exploration out through other means. Today, take comfort that humanity is sending 90,000 messages in the Red Planet’s direction. That’s right, the non-profit Uwingu plans to transmit these missives today around 3 p.m. […]
Physics Home Curriculum Physics Department Profile

Profile of the Physics Department

The Citadel is a Comprehensive Four Year Undergraduate College offering various Bachelor Degrees and Graduate College offering various Master Degrees.


Physics Major:            Introduction for Physics Majors

                                                 Three semesters (15 hrs) intro physics and lab

                                                 Two semesters of classical mechanics

                                                 Electronics and lab

                                                 Optics and lab

                                                 Mathematical methods in physics

                                                 Two semesters of electrodynamics

                                                 Two semesters of quantum mechanics


                                                 Advanced laboratory

                                                 Advanced or Special Topic

                                                 Three semesters research project

Applied Physics


                                                 Fifteen hours introductory sequence plus nine  hours of applied courses



Information:                  Excellent building and equipment, active research in astronomy, space physics,

                                       high energy physics, and atomic/ condensed-matter physics. 

                                       Military environment in the undergraduate college.

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